The Border Project are excited by the interactive possibilities of engaging with technology to create a very personal individual theatrical experience for it’s audiences.

The Border Project’s passion for engaging with audiences in new and unexpected ways has lead us to create unique software and hardware in collaboration with artists and technologists.

The Zigzag wireless controller is an interactive system that allows an audience to control aspects of a performance or artwork. The Zigzag, like a Wii remote, responds to movement. It glows different colours when rotated which represent the audience’s choice. The Zigzag controller was invented and realised through a unique collaboration between The Border Project and Matthew Gardiner (whose work is a hybrid of origami and technology) with the technologist know-how of his father Ray Gardiner.  The Zigzag controller uses the low powered, high-range Zigbee wireless protocol, and an accelerometer to register movement.

Performances that utilised this technology include:

  • Controller
  • ZigZagControllerDemo