David is a founding member of the Border Project. A performer, composer and sound designer he has created and performed in for the company, Fight Night, I, Animal, I Am Not An Animal, Half-Real, Vs Macbeth, Escape From Peligro Island, Trouble on Planet Earth, Highway Rock n Roll Disaster, and Please, Go Hop!

His other theatre credits include, Boom Bah! (Windmill Theatre), Mr McGee and The Biting Flea (Patch Theatre), Robyn Archer’s Boy Hamlet (Brisbane Festival). Aaron Copeland’s The Second Hurricane (Adelaide Festival).

He has also composed/sound designed for The Restaged Histories Project, Whore (B Sharp @ Belvoir), Escape From Peligro Island (Windmill/The Border Project), Vs Macbeth (STC/The Border Project), I Am Not An Animal (The Border Project), The Coming World (Darlinghurst Theatre) and Quack at Griffin Theatre, for which he was nominated for a 2010 Sydney Theatre Award.