Disappearance is a new performance that blows apart and retells fictional stories and historical events spanning 100 years into a mash of mythology and mayhem. A perfectly ordinary man with a perfectly ordinary life decides to disappear. A James Bond-like international conspiracy unfolds to kidnap our Prime Minister. A re-imagined Picnic at Hanging Rock is a ghost story to keep you awake at night.

Disappearance moves from a jump-cut present day story into an eerie Bermuda triangle void that conjures real and imagined characters and occurrences. Harold Holt sings a sea shanty. Three children play quietly with their toy trucks. Miranda’s corset hangs eerily in the air. A talking Tasmanian tiger growls at a little girl with some powerful earmuffs. Disappearance is an exhilarating journey into the fears, fascinations and obsessions with the mythology of disappearance in Australian culture.

Premiere season iNSPACE program Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre

Director Sam Haren
Associate Director Daniel Koerner
Performers Katherine Fyffe, Jude Henshall, Ksenja Logos, Astrid Pill, Rory Walker and Alirio Zavarce
Executive Producer Heidi Angove
Sound Andrew Howard and Andrew Russ
Set & Costume Design Mary Moore
Lighting Design Mark Pennington
Text Noƫlle Janaczewska

Photography by David Wilson

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