An interactive theatrical experience inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books, Trouble On Planet Earth is a thrilling experiment in storytelling in which no two shows are ever the same. Each audience member receives a wireless controller that enables them to vote on decisions that characters make, steering the narrative towards one of 24 possible endings. This work blows apart classic narrative, putting you behind the wheel to genre-hop through this story supermarket. What will you choose & how far will you go?

Trouble on Planet Earth’s structure is that of a ‘narrative tree’ that is made up of 113 scenes, 24 possible endings and over seven and a half hours of text and performance material. Each performer plays over 20 characters across this tree. Each performance of the show will unfold differently based on the decisions of the audience, allowing the audience to create a sort of ‘portrait’ of their interests and desires.

Trouble on Planet Earth is an evolving investigation of our audience’s relationship to story and narrative – what kind of story does our generation want to see? What kind of things does our generation want to witness on stage? In an era where almost every kind of story has been told to us in films, what kind of story do we now want to hear?

Premiere season at the 2008 Adelaide Fringe at the Fringe Factory

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe 2008 Bank SA Support Act Award

Winner of The Advertiser 2008 Fringe Award

Direction Sam Haren
Performed by Katherine Fyffe, Cameron Goodall, David Heinrich, Jude Henshall, Amber McMahon and Alirio Zavarce
Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer
Set & Costume Design Matthew Kneale
Lighting Design Ben Snodgrass
Zigzag Controller Matthew Gardiner & Ray Gardiner
Executive Producer Heidi Angove

Photography by Matt Walker

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“It’s fresh, slick, modern and so sharp it could have your eye out ★★★★½”
Petra Starke
The Messenger

“Here you’ll find one of the funniest – and smartest – things to ever grace a stage in Adelaide… great ideas, cheeky subversion, and all in a gloriously fun and accessible package”
William McGinley
DB Magazine