Co-produced by The Border Project and Country Arts SA’s Local Stages Initiative

Who killed Violet Vario? You decide.

The truth is a slippery thing at the best of times, but what happens when you put it in the hands of an audience? With Half-Real, the whodunnit murder mystery is turned on its head, granting the viewer an unprecedented level of power.

Harnessing the latest in real-time movement tracking, 3D video mapping and projected imagery, Adelaide’s The Border Project equips its onlookers with the technology to rewind events, replay them from different perspectives, enter the minds of the suspects and revise the meanings of everything played out before them.

As you investigate a labyrinth of possible narrative pathways penned by award-winning playwright Duncan Graham, the unfolding thriller may have you wondering who exactly is being played here…

Premiere season Local Stages Initiative, Mount Gambier, regional South Australia

Melbourne Premiere at The Malthouse for the Melbourne Festival.

Director Sam Haren
Assistant Director Cameron Goodall
Written by Duncan Graham
Design Consultant Geoff Cobham
Video Artist Chris More
Video System Designer Michael Marner
Lighting Designer Chris Petridis
Composer DJ TR!P (Tyson Hopprich)
Controller Designer Ray Gardiner
Controller Designer Matthew Gardiner
Operator Aaron Herczeg
Costumes Katherine Fyffe
Performer David Heinrich
Performer Alirio Zavarce
Performer Amber McMahon
Stage Manager Caitlin Byrne
Production Manager Steve Tilling
Production Assistant Monica Hart

Photography by Steve Tilling


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“This is something new, it is theatre for a new generation”
Hadass Ormandy-Neale
Laneway Magazine

“HALF- REAL is a ‘Gamer Production’, an entertainment experience for the competitive that like to have fun, and be actively involved.”

C.C Williamson
Australian Stage