The stakes are high as six performers play a giant board game where they traverse fragments of movies, fads, childhood superheros and 80′s dance beats, one hit wonders and half-forgotten stories. Improvising inside a pre-arranged set of rules, the performers lead you on an unexpected ride through a strange yet familiar parallel world. Memories, fears and desires are revealed as the performers’ mental, emotional and physical stamina is put to the test. Please Go Hop! is pop culture sampling remixed to your delight.

The audience can stay as long as they wish over the 4-hour performance, which does not have a traditional beginning or end. The work has an innovative structure that combines a series of rules, tasks and unpredictable gameplay meaning no two shows are ever the same.

Premiere season at the 2004 Adelaide Fringe at Higher Ground.

Toured to the 2004 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne.

Return Adelaide season in 2005 at Fowler’s Live.

Direction & Design Sam Haren & Ingrid Voorendt
Performed by Katherine Fyffe, Cameron Goodall, David Heinrich, Daniel Koerner, Amber McMahon, Paul Reichstein and Alirio Zavarce.
DJ Sanjii.
Sound Andrew Russ.

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“You won’t want to miss a thing. Please Go Hop! is so engrossing time stands still. ★★★★★”
-Louise Nunn,
The Advertiser