Come Out Festival presents a Windmill Theatre production in association with The Border Project.

Everything was normal on your flight over the ocean… until the plane went down and you crashed on an unknown island!

Now there are vampires, time machines and superpowers to deal with, and any decision could mean life or death. The hardest part? It’s the audience who decides!

This is choose-your-own-adventure theatre, and with your very own hand-held controller, you’ll be steering the play. But think carefully before you make a choice – or you might end up on the island… forever!

Premiere season for the 2011 Come Out Festival

Direction Sam Haren
Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer
Performed by David Heinrich, Jude Henshall and Alirio Zavarce
Designer Jonathon Oxlade
Composers Cameron Goodall & David Heinrich
Lighting Designer Mark Pennington
Zigzag Controller Matthew Gardiner & Ray Gardiner

Photography by Tony Lewis

Nominated for Best Production for Children – Sydney Theatre Awards 2012


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